obligatory self-describing blurb

My name is Chris and I work on the web. Some things I am and have been

Outside of work I’m an amateur chef (I make a mean stew), a sci-fi/spec-fic enthusiast (with dreams of one day writing my own), a board game connoisseur (eventually I’ll find a D&D group), a budding pixel artist (as seen in the top left*), and a dabbler in exploring the great outdoors (I summitted a mountain once, that was pretty cool).

I’m also a dog dad, and head over heels for my partner Liz ❤️.

I firmly believe that black lives matter, gender is fluid (I would know a bit about that), all human beings are valid, and justice is not just unless it’s for everyone. My pronouns are he/him/they/them. Slava Ukraini.

If you want to get in touch, you can DM me on Twitter or Matrix (apologies if I take a while to respond, I am perpetually busy).

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